Client Testimonials

“I’m a pilot at Caribbean Airways and I have been seeing Dr. Lise for neck and back stiffness for about 6 months and it’s really helping me.” – David Wong

“I just finished my therapy for the week and since doing my chiropractic care my back is feeling good, I am sleeping better and playing golf better. Thanks Dr. Lise!” – Gervin Simmons

“My daughter is two and a half yes old, I have been taking Keanna to Dr. Lise for some time now. She is developmentally delayed and her condition has been improving a lot since she has been coming here” – Kenderia Forbes

“I used to have a sacroiliac dysfunction … I had a terrible pain in my lower back and a friend referred me to Dr. Lise … I was using crutches, I couldn’t really walk or move around the house .. after a few visits and adjustments for five or six days I am back on my feet. I can work and walk without the help of crutches. I really thank Dr. Lise for a very good job and for taking care of me.” – Laurena Flores

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